Watch hit on Odell Beckham Jr. which caused injury Monday

Odell Beckham Jr. left Monday's pre-season game with an ankle injury that could have been much more serious, bringing some New York Giants' teammates to criticize the hit. reported that the diagnosis is a sprained ankle that could be much worse for the former LSU star and NFL Pro Bowler. He was hit low after catching a pass by Cleveland' Briean Boddy-Calhoun in the Giants' 10-6 loss.

Beckham left the game favoring his left leg but is confident the injury isn't serious. He has further tests scheduled including an MRI on Tuesday, reported.

"It was pretty scary," Beckham said. "I just wanted to make sure everything was all right, everything is good, shake it off and play football."

Beckham said he knew right after the hit he was OK.

"Pretty quick. Pretty quick," he said. "You just know. You know your body."

The hit was judged to be technically legal according to NFL rules, but the question of whther or not it was dirty, especially for a pre-season game, remains.

Beckham implied to the hit was a bit too much for a pre-season game. Teammate Landon Collins wasn't as forgiving, saying something to Boddy-Calhoun during the game.

"You have all the opportunity in the world to make a play on the ball like that, he had about 30 seconds with the ball in the air," Collins said afterward. "He could have made a play on the ball, he could have hit him high - he chose a different route. I can't respect him." 

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