MRHC receives healthy survey results

An employee survey at McAlester Regional Health Center indicates a lot of workers find a lot of professional satisfaction working at the hospital.

HealthStream, a third party organization headquartered in Nashville, was hired by the hospital to conduct an employee survey in July to gauge where MRHC employees stood on rates of engagement and satisfaction with the organization. The results were positive.About 96 percent of employees gave positive responses to questions asking if they were energized by their work, if it was an important part of their life and if it offered a strong sense of accomplishment. About 90 percent gave positive responses to questions of whether they were proud to be a part of MRHC and related questions.Overall satisfaction with the organization received about 83 percent positive responses. About 13 percent said they were dissatisfied and about 4 percent said they were very dissatisfied. "So we had a good employee survey, but I think we all recognize that we can always do better and you have to continually strive for excellence with your employees to sustain improvements we made and to even build on top of that," said David Keith, chief executive officer of MRHC.The hospital is a major employer in southeast Oklahoma. It ranked at or above national averages in eight other categories, but they look to improve in areas such as doctor-employee relations and new hire training.
The doctor-employee relations stood at 79.3 percent and the new hire training results were 77.1 percent. The lowest score on the test was the availability of equipment needed for the department, which was at 75.8 percent. The standard “good” rating in these categories was 80 percent, Hansen said.The hospital scored lowest in areas of efforts to retain its best employees, administrators’ communication, recognition and understanding of department needs, pay in relation to job responsibility, having enough staff to cover regular workload and treating patients as valued customers.  “McAlester has very nice, high positive responses,” Bo Hansen said. Hansen is a HealthStream consultant and presented the results via teleconference to the Board of Trustees on Wednesday night.Keith hopes that improved communication between supervisors, added recognition of star employees, revised performance benefits and the implementation of exit interviews will help the hospital better meet the needs of their employees.

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