LeBron James Questions Newspaper Columnist's Defensive Ability

LeBron James Questions Newspaper Columnist's Defensive Ability

By: Kyle Koster | January 12, 2018 11:50 am ET

One of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ not-so-hidden problems is an inconsistent defense. The team has given up 127, 127, and 133 points in their last three games. Buffalo News columnist Jerry Sullivan had the audacity to ask LeBron James about the turnstile-like defending and elicited a rather snarky response.

Here’s what Sullivan looks like. He’s the one on the left.

I’ll tell you what: just on pure sight, there are definitely more exploitable matchups happening all over the country right now at YMCAs and rec clubs. You see that gleam in Sullivan’s eye? That’s a little bit of hustle shining through, suggesting he’ll dive for a loose ball or two.

Sullivan himself had a rebuttal.

To be fair, it was nice to see James muster some defensiveness — even if it came away from the court.

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