Journal trying another new crossword

Newsday puzzle debuts Monday for a two-week run.

To our Readers:

We're still trying to get the crossword puzzle right, following the illness and, later, death of Wayne Robert Williams. Many readers objected to the shape of the puzzle that succeeded Williams', Timothy Parker's Universal crossword. And we've continued to hear concerns that Universal's successor, by Jacqueline Matthews, is too easy.

So starting today, we're giving a two-week trial to the crossword that originates in Long Island's Newsday newspaper. Like the Williams and Parker puzzles, it gets harder each day during the week. And like the Williams and Matthews puzzles, it will fit into a quarter page when the paper is folded.

Because it gets harder as the week progresses, please give it a few days so you can gauge it properly. Then email and tell me which puzzle you prefer.

And a reminder: we’re still carrying the Universal crossword each day at, and both the Universal and Los Angeles Times puzzles in the Sunday Journal. And we also have our Sunday Projo Puzzler section — it runs with the comics — which includes among its offerings three more crosswords of varying difficulty.

Happy puzzling!

— Alan Rosenberg, managing editor

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