Simple tips to help your child fight obesity

Thanks to a sedentary lifestyle and imbalanced diets, obesity in children has risen significantly. Kids these days are active digitally rather than indulging in physical activities.

Drinking colas replete with empty calories and having fattening, preservative-laden junk food are some of the common habits that lead to unwanted weight gain. Unfortunately, children who are obese don't just suffer from emotional problems like depression, they also have to deal with many physical problems like slow mobility and are at a risk for high cholesterol, blood pressure, early onset of heart disease, diabetes, bone diseases, heat rash, fungal infections and acne.

Follow these simple tips to help your kid maintain a healthy weight...

Eat right to reduce fat
* In every meal, your children should have approximately 60:30:10 ratio of veggies, protein and carbohydrates.
* Make sure he/she has proteins like soya, fish, chicken, paneer, milk, green and yellow grams, leafy vegetables and soups. Having a variety of fresh fruits is essential.
* Avoid giving your children red meat, sweets, canned foods and juices, junk foods like burger, pizza, pasta, and aerated drinks.
* Avoid overfeeding.

Home remedies to aid weight loss
* Kudampuli or the garcinia fruit aids in shedding kilos. Take three of these fruits and juice them; have it twice every day.

* Soak three kokum in water for an hour. Squeeze and filter it. Mix half a teaspoon of cumin (jeera), ajwain and methi powder, add a pinch of asafoetida (hing) and stir well. Drink this fresh concoction twice a day.

Inculcate good habits in your kids
* Every day, your child should indulge in cardio exercises that encourage fat burning. Cycling, brisk walking, dancing or swimming are some of the outdoor activities that your kid can partake in.
* Inculcate the habit of using the washroom every morning to flush out the toxins in their body. This is important for vibrant health in kids.

- Inputs by bariatric surgeons Dr Ramen Goyal, Dr Jayashree Todkar, obesity surgeon Dr Manish Motwani and ayurvedic physician Dr Smita Naram.
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