Cheddar Afternoon Business Report 1/12: Snapchat, Dropbox, Jeff Bezos

Cheddar Afternoon Business Report 1/12: Snapchat, Dropbox, Jeff Bezos


Snapchat has a new look, but not a lot of people like it. Users in the UK, Australia and Canada were the first to receive the updated version and the feedback has been overwhelmingly negative. According to Tech Crunch, 83 percent of Snapchat's new redesign reviews were given one or two stars. When asked how to uninstall and go back to the old version on Twitter, Snapchat responded by saying it's not possible. 

Dropbox confidentially filed for an IPO Thursday. The San Francisco-based company was last valued at $10 billion three years ago. Since its launch in 2008, Dropbox has been extremely successful. Hundreds of millions of people use its software to store and share their files and it reportedly has a $1 billion in annual revenue.

Happy birthday Jeff Bezos. The Amazon founder and CEO turned 54 Friday. He's already the richest man alive. In honor of his birthday, Financial Express put together some fun stats about his wealth: Bezos reportedly spends $1.6 million on private security every year. He lives in Medina, Washington – where his neighbors include Microsoft founder Bill Gates. He also reportedly bought four apartments in New York City and created one massive living space in a building on Central Park West.

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