Cause for Paws helps agencies, pet owners

A young boy and his dog, a Corgi mix that had been treated for a case of parvovirus, wandered into Cause for Paws recently and captured the heart of Cause for Paws founder Sue Sturgis.

Cause for Paws is more than a unique boutique that blends high quality with low prices. It’s a pet food supplier for financially strapped folks who struggle to feed their pets and to keep them healthy. It’s an emergency responder that helps helpless, neglected animals exposed to extreme temperatures.

And in the case of a young boy who needed $586 before a veterinary clinic would release his Corgi after it had been treated successfully for parvovirus, it was the godsend that allowed the boy to be reunited with his dog.

Sturgis paid the bill. Her explanation for her benevolence is pretty simple: “I don’t want any kid or animal to suffer.”

Case in point: A concerned citizen called Sturgis a couple of months ago and said they’d observed a backyard dog house with holes in the structure, a bowl of frozen water, and a helpless dog fighting to stay alive. Troubled to hear of the owner’s neglect, Sturgis drove to the residence and asked the owner to consider giving the dog a life it deserved rather than the one it was enduring.

“He obviously didn’t care about the dog, so I wanted to put the dog in the hands of someone who would,” she said. “I offered to buy the dog for $50, and the man accepted.”

Another life saved. One of hundreds since Sturgis sold her spa business eight years ago and devoted full time to pursuing her passion: helping animals.

The financial relief revolves around the sales at her boutique, an attractive store that got a huge boost in visibility when she moved two years ago to a former Blockbuster Video location on South 48th, just south of Buster’s BBQ and Ramos Pizza.

From helping Sen. Ernie Chambers’ fight to shut down puppy mills to helping Lincoln Animal Ambassadors with their spay-and-neuter services and writing monthly four-figure checks to the Capital Humane Society, Sturgis is just grateful to lend a hand.

But she needs help. The store needs more shoppers, said Sturgis, pointing to racks loaded with new and like-new clothing, as well as quality furniture, accessories, jewelry, and housewares. The store’s sales help more than 15 animal welfare agencies, in addition to helping with heart-wrenching situations like the ones outlined above.

The store’s inventory is the direct result of the generosity of its donors, allowing Cause for Paws to donate the store’s sales to a myriad of causes. Cause for Paws opens at 10 a.m. six days a week (it has evening hours on Thursdays) and is closed on Sundays.

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