Boston comes in at No. 10 on Healthgrades' National Health Index of 25 healthiest cities in US

The Boston area is on the list of the top 10 healthiest U.S. cities, according to Healthgrades, a Denver-based company that bills itself as an online resource for information about hospitals and physicians.

The company released a National Health Index that ranked the 25 healthiest cities.  The Boston area, which includes the cities of Cambridge and Quincy, comes in at No. 10.

The ranking is due to Boston area residents' access to primary care physicians and the high percentage of residents who say they eat vegetables on a daily basis, according to Healthgrades. Boston area residents also tend to exercise and manage their stress levels.

But risky behaviors, like binge drinking and smoking, brought the area's score down, since that behavior can lead to other, non-healthy decisions, according to Healthgrades.

And while Boston has world-famous hospitals with Massachusetts General and Tufts, other local hospitals drag down the overall score, which ranks hospital quality, according to Andrea Pearson, chief marketing officer for Healthgrades.

The top three cities in the index were the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, Denver and Sacramento.

"Despite scoring poorly when it comes to risky health behaviors, the Twin Cities rank extremely high for an otherwise healthy population, plenty of doctors per capita, and access to high-quality hospitals in the community," the site says.

According to Healthgrades, the measures used to evaluate 43 metropolitan areas included information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Association of American Medical Colleges and the company's hospital quality ratings.

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