Backlash continues over President Trump’s reported comments

Backlash continues over President Trump’s reported comments


President Trump is taking to Twitter amid the backlash over comments he reportedly made to lawmakers in the Oval Office.

The president reportedly referred to African countries with a vulgarity during a meeting with bipartisan lawmakers on immigration. He allegedly indicated the United States should be more focused on bringing in immigrants from countries like Norway.

Two Republican senators who were in the room have said they do not recall the president making those remarks specifically.  However, Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, who was also in the meeting, says he heard the president make those comments.

The president’s alleged comments are being condemned by members of both parties.

Haitian-Americans who live on Long Island say they are outraged.

"For the president to make that type of statement, it’s brutal. It’s so unfair to the Haitian community," says Marie Senat, of Deer Park.

Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages is also voicing disgust over the comments.

"I am deeply appalled and saddened that my people have to deal with this blatant racism, and lack of respect," says Solages.

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