Going inside ‘The Post’: all the hidden connections

Going inside ‘The Post’: all the hidden connections

Earlier this week, I saw The Post, and it’s grand, old-fashioned moviemaking. And its timeliness can’t possibly be overstated. 

But beyond the plot, the history lesson, the character study of a middle-aged woman coming into her own, and the celebration of journalism, there is some real (film) world trivia over every inch of the movie’s 116 minutes. The most obvious of these are the facts that, amazingly, this is the first time Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks have appeared together on screen, and even more astonishingly, this is the only time that Steven Spielberg has directed Streep.

Look beyond those instances, though, and you will see many other connections, coincidences and most probably purposeful castings play out on screen, a kind of six degrees of Steven Spielberg, if you will.

And most of them with a TV emphasis. That’s fitting, really, as the three superstars already mentioned all got their start on the small screen: Spielberg with Rod Serling‘s Night Gallery; Hanks with a guest spot on The Love Boat, before landing his own sitcom, Bosom Buddies; and Streep with the TV movie The Deadliest Season and the Emmy-winning miniseries Holocaust

Nothing listed below will give away any plot points, but there are minor spoilers if you’re the kind of person who wants to know absolutely nothing about a movie before seeing it. Consider yourself warned.

  • Fans of Mr. Show with Bob and David, the 90’s HBO cult comedy, will be thrilled to see stars/creators Bob Odenkirk and David Cross sharing scenes in The Post. Just don’t expect any belly laughs.
  • Speaking of Odenkirk, his character has one scene with the whistleblower played by Matthew Rhys. A devotee of the current golden age of television like myself couldn’t help but be tickled watching Jimmy McGill from Better Call Saul in conversation with Philip Jennings of The Americans (Especially when Odenkirk and Rhys have both competed for the best actor Emmy the past couple of years). Diving even deeper, recurring The Americans actors Cotter Smith and Kelly AuCoin each have a bit part in the movie.
  • We’re not done with Odenkirk yet. A supporting player as the same character in Breaking Bad, he had company on that show with The Post‘s Jesse Plemons (Todd) and David Costabile (Gale).
  • Had enough Bob Odenkirk? We haven’t. He co-starred on the first season of the anthology series Fargo. Season two featured Plemons. And the most recent third season starred Carrie Coon and Michael Stuhlbarg, both among the big cast of The Post. And can we just go on a tangent here about Stuhlbarg for a second? Beside Fargo and The Post, his 2017 consisted of major roles in The Shape of Water and Call Me By Your Name. How, exactly, is he not a household name? (Or maybe that honor should fall to his agent.)
  • Back to Carrie Coon (who was also the standout last year in the final season of HBO’s The Leftovers): she plays real-life Washington Post editorial writer Meg Greenfield, who shares scenes with real-life Washington Post Company chairman of the board, Frederick “Fritz” Beebe, played by Coon’s real-life husband, Tracy Letts
  • Going further inside baseball (inside Washington?), three stars from a trio of the best-known shows set in the nation’s capital walk familiar turf in The Post: Bradley Whitford of The West Wing; Dan Bucatinsky from Scandal; and John Rue, the CIA director on House of Cards.
  • Much like Stuhlbarg and Coon, other Post cast members have had banner years. Whitford showed up here and in Get Out. Letts was not only fantastic in Lady Bird, but got a starring role in The Lovers, opposite Debra Winger. Alison Brie, who got to play Meryl Streep’s daughter in The Post, also co-starred in The Disaster Artist and The Little Hours, and then led her own critically acclaimed Netflix series GLOW.
  • One last little curiosity: Bruce Greenwood is in The Post as Robert McNamara, defense secretary under presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. Back in 2000, he earned great notices for playing JFK himself in Thirteen Hours. And he played another fact-based character in a different movie this year — Time magazine reporter Sandy Smith in Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House. That one was about the man known as Deep Throat who leaked information to the press about the Watergate break-in and cover-up that led to the resignation of Richard Nixon and a Pulitzer Prize for public service awarded to …………… The Washington Post.
  • Wait, Greenwood was also in American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson with Sarah Paulson, who plays Tom Hanks wife in The Post! And he was in Mad Men alongside series semi-regular Alison Brie! And he was ……………………………….       

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