The 5 Best Things To Order At McDonald's, According To Nutritionists

The 5 Best Things To Order At McDonald's, According To Nutritionists

When it comes to fast-food, McDonald's is a classic—and honestly, the gold standard for grab-and-go food. It's a staple of many childhood birthday parties and is a fixture at practically every rest stop, mall, airport, and food court imaginable. But while McDonald's is great for many things (convenience, affordability, fries) it's not necessarily something you'd think of when looking to eat healthy.

However, with the holiday season here, many of us will be spending quality time on the road. Even if you're trying to eat healthier, your travel dining options will likely come down to fast-food chains—unless you pack your own food. (And really, who has time to do that?) Which begs the question all of us have faced at some point or another during our travels: When you’re stuck on the road (and hangry) with nothing to eat but McDonald’s, what should you order? 

Well, there are a few basic rules you can follow: “When traveling, think about how you can add more color into your meal through fruits and/or vegetables so you can fill up with the healthy, fiber-filled items,” says Sarah Koszyk, R.D.N., sports dietitian and weight management specialist. You can also customize various parts of your order at McDonald's to swap out various less-healthy ingredients for other ones, from holding the mayonnaise to going for grilled rather than fried chicken. Also worth noting: The brand announced in 2016 that they would stop serving chicken treated with certain antibiotics and take high-fructose corn syrup out of their buns, in addition to removing artificial preservatives from several menu items. So the food is already a little healthier than you probably remember it being back in the day. 

To simplify things even more, Koszyk and fellow registered dietitian Melanie Flinn combed through the McDonald’s menu and found a few good-for-you options (including, yes, fries!). Here are their top picks:

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